This conference is made possible by a number of sponsors. We would like to thank the following organizations for contributing funds for CUQSC 2016:

  • Dalhousie Department of Social Work
  • Dalhousie Faculty of Arts and Social Science
  • Dalhousie Faculty of Health Professions
  • Dalhousie Faculty of Architecture and Planning
  • Dalhousie Office of the President
  • Dalhousie Schulich School of Law
  • Dalhousie Student Services
  • Dalhousie Student Union
  • DalOUT
  • Get Real Dalhousie
  • Saint Mary’s University Women’s Centre
  • Services Employees International Union Local 2
  • South House Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre
  • Venus Envy

We would also like to thank the following groups for providing in-kind support:

  • Venus Envy
  • Atlantica Hotel